Charity Farm

Charity Farm, Withersfield, was owned by the Parmiter family from 1605 onwards. It was inherited by the family as a result of marriage. This particular farm was passed on to Thomas Parmiter, the founder of the school, and, even when he was living in London and working as a silk merchant, he received income from the rent from the tenants of Charity Farm. The income from the rents of Charity Farm and another farm owned by Thomas Parmiter, Folly Farm, Clare, was used to provide funding for the first Parmiter's School which was opened in 1722.

Charity Farm was owned by the Parmiter's Foundation until it was sold in 1920 to the Vestey family.

In more recent times, the buildings of the farm were purchased by Mr and Mrs Fenton although the rest of the land remained within the Vestey estate. Charity Farm is now a beautiful country house with a very large attractive garden.

Biennially, members of the Parmiter's community visit Charity Farm in order that the origin of the funding of the school can be recognised. On these occasions, one of the school choirs and student musicians provide the music at choral evensong at the local village church, St Mary the Virgin, Withersfield. Other members of Parmiter's, including trustees, governors, staff, students, parents and Old Parmiterians, join local residents for afternoon tea in the Withersfield Village Hall prior to the church service.

Charity Farm, Withersfield
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