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Parmiter's School holds a wealth of information in archives which can offer our current students (and staff!) a unique experience of how the first World War touched the lives of boys several generations ago.

Over the coming months, as we reflect and focus on the centenary of the war in school, the students will be learning about some of Parmiter's Old Boys and their lives before, during and after the war.  The archives help us to learn much about those whose lives were lost and about where they are buried or commemorated, but information on those who survived is always sought after.  If anyone has material to offer, please contact the school.



The Richardson Boys

The Parmiter Magazine, June 1915

At morning assembly on May 21........ the Headmaster referred with deep feeling to the death on the field of honour of one of the youngest of our Old Boys, Lance-Corporal B. H. Richardson, London Rifle Brigade.  He was the youngest member of a family, two generations of whom have been warmly attached to Parmiter's.  He joined us as a little boy; he left as recently as 1911; he had not reached his 19th birthday; but, young as he was, he did not hesitate when the call to serve came, and, finally, he has given his life for his country. 

Bert Richardson and his two brothers - the only three children of one house - went out towards the end of last year.



Old Parmiterians

Parmiter's School dates back to the will of Thomas Parmiter in 1681.  Until 1977, it was a boys' school based in Bethnal Green.  When the decison was made to move Parmiter's School to Hertfordshire, it became a co-educational school and in 1981, the London school closed. 

We have a thriving Old Parmiterians' Society, which consists of former students from the Bethnal Green school as well as those who attended the Garston school.  The two branches of the Old Parmiterians'  Society work closely together. 

The Old Parmiterians' Society celebrated its Centenary in 1998.  It was founded and exists to promote regular contact and communication amongst former members of the School and with the current School. 

The family ethos of Parmiter's School is extremely important to all members of the Parmiter's community.  The loyalty and affection that students feel for the school helps to ensure that they stay in touch for many years after they have left.   The Old Parmiterians' Football Club flourishes and many Old Parmiterians use the facilities of the School, especially the Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre.       

The Old Parmiterians' Society organises regular events and these have included:

  • annual reunion events
  • Founder's Dinner 
  • family summer barbecue
  • annual Old Parmiterians' Dinner
  • Ladies' Night
  • newsletters  

Class 3A 1950-51

From the back row, left to right:

Chappell, Seabrook, Silk, Vile, Gromoff, Munns, Moscow, Pearson

Tyrrell, Moore, Freestone, Crow, Greenaway, Clews, Peach, Fordham, Tyler

Hallam, Sims, Lloyd, Langley, Charlie Kingsland, Dent, Smith, Drake, Blake

Evans, Owers, Mills, Pummell, Cass, Jacobs, Foster

A few years later...........

Some of Class 3A visiting the school in Garston.

From left to right:

Tony Mills, Ken Mansfield (1946 intake), Joe Vile, Martin Jacobs, Michael Rose, Frank Munns, Fred Seabrook, Brian Coulshed (Headmaster), Tony Holmes, Ron Pummell. 

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