The following history of the society was researched and compiled by Alan Baily and formed the basis of his memorable speech at the Centenary Gala Ball of the Old Parmiterians' Society Bethnal Green (on 13th June 1998) in the magnificent surroundings of the Brewery Chiswell Street in the City of London

Some achievements of the Society and of its members during the last 100 years

1898 - Society founded. Dr. Scott first President. Mr. Daddo, Vice President and Treasurer; Tyrell (Secretary); Holmes, Ellis, Hill, Thomas, Ballantine, Walker, Scott and Richardson comprised the Committee; 30 society members; Rambling, Cycling, Football and Tennis sections formed.

1899 - Cricket Club formed. First 'Annual Dinner' held at the school. First 'Past. v Present' cricket match at Chingford ground.

1902 - Smoking Concert. - Thomas Beven, Chairman of the Governors (in the Chair) "I am in sympathy with the O.P.S. and desire to further its objectives in every way within my power." Slide shows and lectures. First O.P. plays. Annual Dinner attended by ‘most of the Staff, the Chairman, four Governors and the Clerk.'

1903 - First O.P.S. dance. Each 6th Form pupil made an Honorary Member. Richardson, Hon. Secretary. Walker, Hon. Treasurer.

1904 - Annual Dinner ‘and Annual Dance.' O.P. F.C. form 2nd X1. 1st X1 lose 9-0 to Clapton Orient Reserves, Richardson refereed. Dr. Scott resigned - Mr. W. Sharples appointed Head and became President, O.P.S.

1905 - First Annual Dinner away from the School. J. W. Ellis and E. G. Scott write the first School Songs. Open air Concert. Employment Bureau formed.

1906 - Ellis started Dramatic Society. Bread and cheese supper; hobbies exhibition. O.P.F.C. form 3rd X1. Bohemian concert; whist drive.

1908 - O.P.F.C. affiliated to A.F.A., founder member of the London Old Boys League. O.P.S. song 'The Best' written by Ellis and Scott.

1910 - A. B. Richardson, appointed the first O.P. to be a Governor. Whist, Smoking and Bohemian Concerts, Annual Dinner. A son of an O.P. entered School for the first time.

1911 - Deaths of Thomas Beven and Mr. Daddo - who attended every Annual Dinner. First O.P.S. Chairman - Sammy Walker. Gymnastic Club set up by Mr. Frankel.

1912 - Mr. Frankel formed a Swimming Club. O.P.S. Club room opened at the School. ‘A.B. Richardson still playing cricket for O.P's.'

1914/18 - O.P.'s. arranged drill and shooting practices at School - Became attached to the London Rifle Brigade - O Company. 632 O.P.'s. on active service (130 held Commissions) Lt. G.H. Woolley O.B.E. MC. M.I.D. the first Territorial Officer to be awarded the V.C.; 14 M.C.'s, 3 with Bars (the Rahles - Rahbula brothers both received the M.C.); 1 D.S.C.; 11 M.M.'s, 1 with Bar. 632 O.P.'s served, of whom 103 were killed in action. The Society remained active through the efforts of Mr. Frankel and Mr. Woolhouse; another master Mr. Pearson edited the Magazine.

1919/20 - All activities resumed, plus a Rowing Club. War Memorial Committee set up with Ballantine (Hon. Secretary) Ellis, Scott, Turnpenny and Yetton.

1921 - O.P.F.C. found their own ground at Chingford Mount. Cricket resumed at the Elms. Dance classes started at the School. Pritty won both Junior and Senior Sculls at the Lea Regatta.

1923 - E. G. Scott became a Governor. Nelson Road acquired and full use accorded to the O.P.'s. Silver Jubilee - O.P. Gym display, boxing matches and wrestling. Rowing Club won the Junior Pairs. Frankel retired from Staff and became the first Hon. O.P.

1924/25 - First Ladies Night Held. Parmiterian Orchestra played for first time. L. Goody won the 100yds. Champion of England, Ireland and Scotland. L. B. Bailey won the 400yds. and High Jump in the International Club Competition.

1927/28 - O.P.F.C. founder members of the Nemean League and entered 3 teams. 40th anniversary of present Foundation - 40 Trees donated by O.P.'s at Nelson Road. Record numbers at Ladies Night and School Dance. Loving Cup presented by vintage 1887 O.P.

1929/30 - O.P.F.C. became founder member of the London Old Boys League. Retirement of Mr. Sharples - Mr. Mc.Arthur became President. Parmiter Song book produced. Parmiter Purse set up. Past v Present swimming gala.

1933 - O.P.F.C. won the L.O.B. Cup. First century scored by an O.P. - Jimmy Clark v Buckhurst Hill. Dr. R. Stoneley O.P. F.R.S. Senior Wrangler Cantab. Hon. Reader in Geo Physics (Leeds). Appointed Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (Cantab).

1935/36 - R. Weeks elected as Secretary. Mr. Woolhouse returned after 36 years. Mothio scored 189 not out v Clacton 2nd X1. Jimmy Cade (1894) starts School cricket matches with Eltisley. O.P. School prize inaugurated.

1937 - School celebrate Golden Jubilee. A.B. Richardson becomes Vice Chairman of the Governors. First O.P. Cricket Tour. Revealed that A. Colley presented the Loving Cup in 1927. O.P.'s played Eltisley home and away. Forecast scored 1000 runs in a season.

1937/45 - Annual Dinners continued as a conversazione - many wives attended to represent serving husbands. Society run by Drew. Mr. Fuidge retired after 41 years; Mr. Ashby retired after 42 years at School and assisted Drew. 1943 H.J. Forecast killed in action. He leaves £100 to Society friends for their enjoyment thus beginning Football Club Dinners, originally known as 'The Forecast Dinners'. 1944 death of A.B. Richardson; former School Captain, F.C. Captain (1893), Hon. Secretary, Chairman and Vice President O.P.S., and Vice Chairman of Governors. Wing Commander Asher Lee, advisor on the Luftwaffe to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, awarded the U.S. Legion of Merit. His younger brother killed when parachuting into enemy territory, awarded posthumous M.C.

1946/47 - Annual Dinner, Football, Cricket and Eltisley resumed. A. Jones becomes Treasurer of the Football and Cricket Clubs and Secretary of F.C.

1948 - Sir Frank Morgan MC- the first O.P. Knighthood. Golden Jubilee Dinner. Attended by Veunder (pre Approach Road). April 16th the first H. J. Forecast Dinner. 80th Birthday Dinner for Mr. Frankel.

1949 - Sammy Walker is first O.P. to become Chairman of the Governors. A. Rawles becomes a Governor. Ladies Night re-established.

1950 - Headmaster and President Mr. Mc. Arthur retires. Mr. A. J. Hopkins appointed Headmaster and becomes O.P.S. President. Chairman's supper resumed.

1952/53 - 1st X1 Champions of the London Old Boys League. £1,500 received for War Memorial fund. Death of C. W. Drew (1894); Editor (1923-53) and Vice President, who throughout the war years held the O.P.S. together. Sir Frank Morgan made Governor.

1954 - Death of Mr. Frankel, founder member of the O.P.S., ran the Society during World War 1, retired from the Staff 1923, founded Gym, Swimming and Rifle Clubs, first Hon. Life Member, Vice President 1947. E. F. Smith appointed Governor.

1955 - Death of W.W. Bradfield. Invented the Bradfield Aerial installed throughout the Royal Navy and made a C.B.E. in 1921 -‘the pioneer of wireless at sea'. O.P. Masonic Lodge consecrated. 80th Birthday Dinner to Mr. J. Hartley Fuidge.

1956 - 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the School. Celebration Dinner at the Law Society. Jimmy Clark retired as Secretary (1934 - 56), organised every Ladies Night (33 in all) 1924-56, made Vice President.

1957 - 80th Birthday Dinner for Sammy Walker. Mr. Wyatt 80th Birthday Dinner, Master for 32 years, member of the O.P.S. for 51 years.

1958 - Death of ‘Sammy' Walker - joined the School on the day it opened in 1887, and first of these to become an O.P.S. Committee member in 1898, first as Chairman 1910, first to be Chairman a second time 1919, first O.P. to be Chairman of the Governors. Bill Cornish becomes a Governor.

1959 - New Pavilion at Nelson Road, War Memorial Fund makes major contribution for Canteen and Dining Hall. 60th Anniversary of the Football Club. Nineteen members of staff present at the Annual Dinner. All eight Foundation Governors are O.P.'s. Derek Lambley appointed a Governor.

1960 - O.P.F.C. entered the Southern Olympian League. 5 X1s entered. Club House built behind new Pavilion, completely paid for by O.P.'s. James Cade doubled the funds raised. Architect Sidney Loweth an O.P.. Another O.P. Graham Stilwell partners Stanley Matthews Jnr. in the Junior Wimbledon Doubles Final.

1961 - A. Jones appointed a Governor. Sid Beazley retired after 27 years as Treasurer. First F.C. Supper and Chairman's Supper held at the Ground.

1962 - 80th Birthday Party for Jimmy Cade. D. Lambley becomes Vice Chairman of the Governors. 80th Birthday Party for Mr. Blore. O.P. 1st X1 win the 2nd Division Championship and the Southern Olympian League Challenge Bowl, the first and only time ever achieved. Roy Fitch the first O.P. to gain a Cambridge Blue for Football and scores two centuries for O.P.C.C. Graham Stilwell loses to Stanley Matthews Jnr. in the Queens Junior Singles.

1963 - Mr. Claxton retires after 36 years at School, given a farewell Dinner and made a Vice President. D. Lambley becomes Chairman and A. Jones becomes Vice Chairman of the Governors, the second pair of O.P.'s to be so honoured. (S. Walker and A. E. Lock being the first). S. Beazley made Vice President. Death of Rayner - the only family with three generations at the three schools - St. John Street, Parmiter Street and Approach Road. L. Israel becomes a Governor. Graham Stilwell beat Stanley Matthews Jnr. to become Wimbledon Boys Singles Champion.

1964 - Death of J. W. Ellis (1888-92) Committee Member and Editor who wrote the libretto for most of the Parmiter songs, usually in collaboration with E.G. Scott or J. Fuidge who wrote the music. Death of Mr. Fuidge, Master 1899 - 1911, Second Master 1911 - 1940, Committee Member of O.P.S. Scored 67 n.o. and took 7 - 24 against O.P.'s in1904 and top scored v O.P.'s in 1911, 1912 and 1914; attended every Annual Dinner 1899 - 1940, founder member of the Parmiter Purse, became Vice President in 1934.

1965 - 90th Birthday Dinner for Dr. Doree; at Parmiter St. and Approach Rd; won the first Open Scholarship to Oxford; carried out the original research on steroids; 100 papers on Chemistry and Bio Chemistry; ever present at O.P. functions. Death of Jimmy Clark (1919-23); played football and team secretary of F.C.; outstanding cricketer and Captain of the O.P.F.C.; played until aged 58; Secretary of Society 1934-57. Death of Arthur Rawles (1898-1902). His father a Governor for 26 years; himself a Governor 1929-64. His wife played the piano at all O.P. functions 1918-1939; Vice President of the Society; President of the F.C. and past Chairman. Death of E.G. Scott (1893-99); became a Committee Member whilst School Captain, founded the Dramatic Society and wrote many musicals; collaborated with J. W. Ellis on many O.P. songs including ‘The Best' (1908); became a Governor in 1923.

1966 - Death of J. T. Cade (1893-99); Great benefactor to the Society - massive donation to build the Pavilion and then the Club House at Nelson Road, anonymous until his death; took the O.P.'s to Eltisley and met all expenses every year; Governor 1945- 59, Vice President of the Society.

1967  Headmaster A.J. Hopkins retires. Mr. G.H.C. Waters appointed Headmaster and becomes O.P.S. President. M. Rabenau first O.P. to become a master at the School. Death of Freddie Woolhouse, his father a master at the School for 35 years, past Chairman and a founder of the O.P. Lodge. Death of A.J. Smith, founder of the Rowing Club.

1968 - Mickey Carter wins A.B.A. Bantamweight Championship and loses Olympic Medal on a very controversial ‘home town' decision. Terrance Knapp awarded the Churchill Prize for Theatre. Fitch, Vallance, Heuston, Fry, P. Apicella and Ellison selected for S.O.L. Fitch, Vallance, and Heuston also selected for the A.F.A.

1969 - Death of Rev. G.H. Woolley V.C., O.B.E., M.C., M.i. D., ‘Held the hill 60 at Ypres with a few men, against all the odds'. First Disco held at the Clubhouse.

1970 - Parents Appeal Committee with A.A.J. Baily as Chairman. First major co-operation of Parents and O.P.'s raise money for a School Bus (including £600 contribution from War Memorial Fund) and equip the new Field Centre at Talybont. O.P.F.C. 1st X1 win the S.O.L. Challenge Bowl for the first time. A.E. Lock retires as Chairman of the Purse - 40 years continuous service.

1971 - 250th Anniversary of Foundation. O.P.'s donate roses (along the entire length of the front gardens of the School) to mark the event. Sesquibicentury Celebration Dinner held at the Law Society.

1972 - A. Jones completed 25 years as Secretary of the F.C. and Treasurer of the Cricket Club. Triple 80th Birthday Dinner for Sir Frank Morgan, Ted Smith and Bill Rawles.

1973 - The 75th Annual Dinner and the Golden Jubilee Ladies Night. The first O.P.F.C. overseas tour to Holland. The 1st X1 become three time winners of the S.O.L. Challenge Cup.

1974 - Death of Sir Frank Morgan. Joined the School in 1897; Governor for 16 years, The first President of the Prudential Insurance Society. E.F. Smith M.M. died - he, with Drew, kept the Society going during the 2nd World War, when they alternated as Chairmen.

1975 - O.P.F.C. 1st X1 did the ‘double', S.O.L. League and Challenge Cup.

1976 - O.P.F.C. win the A.F.C. Senior Cup.

1977 - A. Jones took over temporarily as Chairman of the Governors from D. Lambley in the first year of the School locating at Garston. 80th Birthday Dinner for A. Donovan.

1978 - Z. Mohammed, whilst still a pupil at school, scored 146 for O.P.C.C. v C.W.S.

1979 - O.P.F.C. forms 7th X1.

1980 - O.P. Lodge celebrates Silver Jubilee.

1981 - Approach Road closes. Balance of O.P. War Memorial Fund, plus further donations, used to install memorial Stained Glass Windows in Garston. A. E. Lock (1905) former chairman retires after 48 years as a Governor. Farewell Supper at Approach Road to mark the ending of 260 years in Bethnal Green.

1982 - Retirement of Headmaster Mr. G. H. C. Waters; Mr. M. Billingham appointed Headmaster and becomes President of O.P.S. Rules change to give two-year tenure to Chairman. 4th August O.P. Golf Society founded inaugural competition at Bearsted G. C.

1983 - Death of 'Derek' Lambley, past Chairman and Chairman of the Governors. D. Bleach retires after 20 years as secretary of C.C. and becomes Secretary of the Society. 60th Ladies Night. 80th Birthday Dinner for Len Eagles. Death of Bill Rawles (1890), the last link with the last century, his father a Governor for 25 years and his brother A.C. 'Arthur' Rawles M.C. M.i.D. for 35 years. A Jones becomes Chairman of the Governors.

1984 - O.P. Garston founded, ‘with the intention of eventual amalgamation with Bethnal Green'. 'Derek Lambley' building opened at Garston. Mick Russell averaged 92.8 for C.C. Mr. J. Claxton 80th birthday marked by a presentation at Ross on Wye. Death of Tony Jones - School Captain, Committee Member, Secretary and / or Treasurer of Football, Cricket, and Table Tennis Clubs, Editor, Chairman, Vice President, Vice Chairman and Chairman of Governors for 20 years. 9th X1 formed by O.P.F.C.

1985 - Road accident forces early retirement from O.P. affairs of R. Zackerwich, Vice President, Chairman, sportsman and administrator of all aspects of the Society. Mr. A. J. Quy becomes first Chairman of O.P.'s Garston. Bill Crisp becomes Vice Chairman of Governors. Eltisley cricket match revived. Netball and Football sections started at Garston; first Car Rally and Disco's; Cricket started with a match against O.P. Bethnal Green. First Garston Annual Dinner. O.P.F.C. (B.G.) form 10th X1.

1986 - Bill Cornish presents Chairman's Chain of Office to Society. O.P.F.C. wins 12 Trophies. O.P.G.S. has first Golf Weekend. O.P.'s Garston enters S. W. Herts. Football League and the Watford Netball League.

1987 - O.P. Keith Medlycott and Jack Richards set up record 7th wicket partnership of 262 for Surrey. John Crow appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada. O.P.F.C. (B.G.) 2nd X1 create a unique record; S.O.L. Divisional Champions and win A.F.A., S.O.L. and L.O.B. Intermediate Cups. O.P.'s (G.) hold car treasure hunt, Disco's, Annual Dinner, and first football match v O.P. (B.G.). Netball team makes good progress.

1988 - A statue of a Parmiter Boy (in 1809 uniform) was erected within the School at Garston in memory of Tony Jones.

1989 - O.P.F.C. (B.G.) gain 13 trophies in all parts of A.F.A. competitions - Champions of S.O.L. and winners of S.O.L., L.O.B., Nemean and Thomas Parmiter Cups.

1990 - Terence Clark the first O.P. appointed as Her Majesty's Ambassador is Knighted; Emrys Davies C.M.G. becomes H.M. Ambassador to Hanoi; Alper Mehmet awarded M.V.O. O.P.'s (G.) hold second reunion party (1978 entry). Football and Netball continue to flourish with first Past v Present Match. Peter Hogben, a pupil at Approach Road, becomes a master and member of Garston Committee.

1991 - O.P.F.C. (B.G.) move to Douglas Eyre ground 1st X1 wins fourth consecutive League title and the Challenge Bowl. The Club is accepted into the Southern Amateur League. . Cricket Club re-starts.

1992 - Headmaster and President Mr. Billingham resigns and successor Mr. B. Coulshed voted President of both sections of the Society. Death of Bill Crisp, former Committee member, Treasurer, Chairman, Vice Chairman of Governors, Chairman of Parmiter's Foundation. Annabel Heathcote becomes first female to be Chairman of O.P.'s (G.); 1980 re-union held; O.P.F.C. (G.) gains first League Title; Netball Club expands, playing in both summer and Winter Leagues.

1993 - O.P.F.C. (B.G.); no less than 7 teams win their respective Championships in the S.A.L. and 5th and 6th X1s win A.F.A. Cups. Presentation to 'Willie' Ellison to mark his 1000th match for O.P.'s over 32 years. Bill Cornish presents a Chairman's Chain of Office to O.P.'s (G.). Further re-unions are held and the Football and Netball Clubs continue to flourish. Death of Guy Williams, Master, Liaison Officer, Registrar, Editor, Past Chairman and Vice President.

1994 - Bethnal Green Room established at Garston. Mr. B. Coulshed makes his debut for the O.P.F.C. (B.G.). Garston start 2nd X1; 1981 re-union and Christmas Dinner held.

1995 - Death of Bill Cornish, Benefactor, Footballer, Committee Member, Lodge Officer, Past Chairman and Vice President. The O.P.S. (B.G.) A.G.M. unanimously adopts Committee proposals for a complete revision of the Society 'Constitution and Rules' to a format that recognises the O.P.S. (Garston). O.P.F.C. (B.G.) turn out a 13th X1, the Super Vets. Garston 1982 re-union held.

1996 - Major effort by O.P.'s raises £120,000 in support of The Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre with the major contribution from O.P. Mr. Ron Miller. Alper Mehmet is appointed a Governor of the School. Retirement Dinner given for Mr. Alan Francis, 29 years a master at Approach Road and Garston, O.P.S. auditor and ever present at O.P. dinners. All X1s of O.P.F.C. (B.G.) gained promotion to the 1st Division of the S.A.L. Mr. A. Quy becomes Chairman of O.P.S. (B.G.); the first person to have been Chairman of both sections of the Society.

1997 - Death of Vernon Sharp; Vice President and Chairman of the Society (1994/96). He lives to see completion of 'The Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre' for which he was a major influence. O.P.F.C. (B.G.) 1st X1 become Champions of the Southern Amateur League. The Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre including an 'Old Parmiterian Suite' and the 'Ron Miller Fitness Suite', officially opened by, H.R.H. Anne, The Princess Royal,

1998 - To mark the Centenary, the society presents 10 Rowan trees and a display cabinet to the School. Centenary Dinner and Gala Ball in the City of London to celebrate the achievements of the past century, which have seen the exercise of The School motto 'NEMO SIBI NASCITUR'.

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