Parmiter's Parents' Association

Welcome to Parmiter's Parents' Association

When your child becomes part of the Parmiter's learning community, you will have the opportunity to meet and join with other parents at Parmiter's.

WHY does Parmiter's have a PA?

The PA exists to raise funds to buy resources that enrich the education of the children at Parmiter's


The PA provides a forum for parental participation in the school community.

During the academic year 2015-16 the PA granted the following to the school;

  • £600 for the Year 11 yearbook
  • £595 towards Year 7 Induction
  • £11,000 towards the upgrade of the school WiFi system
  • £1,400 towards lighting and sound equipment
  • £3000 for a new blast cooler in D&T
  • £300 for Raspberry Pis
  • £335 for STEM club computer building equipment

Over past academic years, the PA has worked incredibly hard and raised thousands of pounds. This money has been used to purchase valuable resources and support for the School and all students.

WHAT does the PA do?

We organise fund raising events throughout the year. These give parents, friends and families the opportunity to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities. Recent events have included

  • The St Patrick's Day Ceilidh
  • The Christmas Craft Fair and Grand Draw
  • The James Bond Casino Royale Ball
  • Family Quiz Night

WHO are members of the PA?

Every parent/carer of a child at Parmiter's is a member of the PA. We recognise that people are busy and time is often at a premium but here are three key ways to support the PA.

Attend an event, an excellent way to contribute to the school community. The success of every event is guaranteed with every hour that can be given to help.

Join the PA Committee which meets regularly to coordinate the PA activities. New members are always welcome.




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