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Year 8 students gained an insight into the workplace for two days on 5th & 6th July.  They produced some very interested diaries, which showed how much they had learnt and gained from this experience. Students went to a wide variety of places, including Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Hendon Police Headquarters, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Free Hospital, Russian Ballet Studios, the BBC, Historic England, the Science Museum and Shell UK. 

The following comments about what they learnt are from the students’ booklets:

Key steps to become a teacher, one being to have control over a child/the class.

How to communicate with ‘difficult’ individuals, even if they are rude to you.

How to photoshop, indesign an sketchup to create our own themed room. 

The different ways to become a lawyer from most degrees.

The key skills you need, such as communication, and now know what work feels like.

Different methods of managing data and how the job of recruitment works.

STEM related careers and how to get there as well as their day to day work.

I was surprised to find out AWS is the way Amazon makes most of its money and not the ordering service.

The 3 main types of accountancy.

To be a good salesman.

New knowledge and understanding of animals and veterinary jobs.

Some valuable skills you need to have to be in a work place.

How to be organised, how to act around new people, systems used in the company and all about the architecture in the buildings around as well as their structural engineering.

That nothing is better at preparing you for work as going there yourself and asking people who do what I might want to do in the future how everything is organised.

The 5 P’s of Marketing which has proved extremely useful and allowed me to get a decent introduction to the world of business.

The effects of some diseases or illnesses and what medication they have to take.

The methods of identifying a plant and how the data collected is recorded and sent off to the wildlife trust.

How to carry out an MOT.

The experience makes me want to join the police even more than before.

How pensions work and what an actuary does.



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