School Lottery

The Parmiter's School Lottery raises funds for the School whilst providing you with the chance of winning one of 4 cash prizes.

1st prize:      £300         2nd prize:    £200

3rd prize:    £100          4th prize:    £50

Who can participate?

Any member of the Parmiter's Family over 16 years of age may participate.

What is a 'chance'?

A 'chance' consists of a four-figure combination, each figure having been drawn at random.  You will be provided with details of 'chance(s)' which will be unique to you and will be registered in your name until such time as you notify the Bursar that you no longer wish to participate in the lottery.

Can anyone select their own numbers?

Sorry, this is not possible. To ensure total fairness to all participants, all numbers will be selected at random.

What happens next?

Each month a draw will take place at the School when numbers are drawn at random from 4 different bags.  Once a series of 4 numbers are drawn that match the 'chance' held by a participant, then that person will be declared the winner.  Members of the Parmiter's community will always witness the draw.

How are payments made?

The lottery is run by a small band of volunteers who are dedicated to keeping costs and administration to an absolute minimum. Accordingly, we ask that payments are made by standing order, but we will accept cheques if they are for an annual entry.

How are winnings paid?

Cheques will be posted to the lucky participant as soon after the draw as possible.

How many 'chances' can be purchased?

Each participant is restricted to 10 chances per month.  Remember, the restriction applies to 'participants'

When does the draw take place?

A draw takes place at the School in the last week of every month.

What happens to the money not paid out in winnings?

This will be used to support school activities in the same way as monies raised by the Parents' Association are used.  The aim is to provide the best for our students and staff.

Will the details of the winners be published?

The names of winners will be displayed on the Parmiter's website: and in the half-termly school newsletter.

How does anyone cease to be a participant in the lottery?

Simply inform us and then cancel your standing order.  It is essential you do so in this order.

What should you do now?

Just print off and complete the Parmiter's School Lottery Registration From and the Standing Order Form below and return them to the Finance Office.  We will then send you details of your unique lottery numbers.

Remember, this is a lottery where there are no losers.  The holder of the winning ticket receives a financial prize whilst the rest of us have the satisfaction of knowing we have made a major contribution to the quality of our school's life.

If you have any queries, please contact the Finance Office on 01923 894710.

For more information please contact Judy Carroll

Tel: 01923 665740

email: j.carroll(at)


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