Progressing from Year 12 to Year 13

Repeating Year 12

Returning in Year 14

Policy for progression from Year 12 to Year 13

Progression from Year 12 to Year 13 is not automatic.  It would not be in the best interest of a student who is failing to continue to fail for another year.  However, we are flexible and will judge cases on their own specific merits.  Year 12 students sit internal examinations in all subjects in May.  For the purposes of advice concerning progression, results of all assessments will be considered.

Students are normally expected to be following a minimum of three subjects in Year 13.

Internal examinations in Year 12

As all subjects are offered as two-year linear A Levels, students' work is assessed against the examination board criteria that will be applied in their actual A Level examinations.  Given that they will thus be applied a year early, it is reasonable to expect some students to improve considerably over the course of Year 13.  For internal reporting, therefore, students will receive an examination grade AND a grade that is likely to be the UCAS predicted grade.  The examination grade, along with other assessments completed during Year 12, will be taken into consideration when making the UCAS predicted grade; internal examinations are important.

It is the likely UCAS grade that will be used in discussions relating to progression.  Students predicted a likely UCAS grade of E or U might be asked to take another internal examination in the first week of September, to inform further discussion about progression or to influence the UCAS prediction.  The same could apply to a student with a higher grade but still underachieving.  This decision will be taken by the relevant Head of Department.

Students are judged on their own merits.  In terms of discussions and advice concerning progression, a number of factors will be considered, among them:

  • the target grade for that student (which are based on prior attainment at GCSE);
  • attainment in other subjects in Year 12;
  • the student's approach during the Year 12 course (attendance, punctuality of work submission, effort, engagement in class, etc).

Comparisons between the advice given to individuals cannot therefore be drawn, even if they achieve the same grade in a particular subject. 

Policy for repeating Year 12

Students will only be allowed to repeat Year 12 if there has been a clear reason for under-achievement first time around, such as illness impacting significantly on attendance.  Under-achievement in itself is not sufficient reason for being allowed to repeat the year.  Mr Porter and Mrs Rowland will consider individuals' circumstances and discuss these with the Headteacher.

Cases will be judged on individual merits and the consent of the relevant Heads of Department is required.

Policy for allowing students to return in Year 14 

Students completing Year 13 in Summer 2019, will have only completed A Levels in the new reformed qualifications.  Re-taking a subject now involves sitting ALL papers again.  This means that students have to sit examinations that cover the previous two years of study. 

No student has an automatic right to return for a course of study in Year 14.  We will judge each case on its individual merits but the decision about attending any lessons in Year 14 rests with the relevant Head of Department, in consultation with Mr Porter, Mrs Rowland and the Headteacher.

It is our view that for reformed A Level subjects, students who want to retake are better served by attending an institution that can cover/revise two years of study in a single year.  However, we continue to guarantee that former students can enter themselves for re-sit examinations as a private candidate at Parmiter's.  Entries are made in January and are at the expense of the candidate.








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