Dyson Workshop

On Monday 2 March, sixteen of our Year 12 students were lucky enough to take part in the Dyson Workshop at Parmiter’s during the afternoon.  Two of our former students are currently on the Dyson apprenticeship scheme and one of them, Jonny Flanders, came to deliver the workshop with Luke, a former Kings Langley student.  It was impressive to see how much they have learnt during their apprenticeship which started in September.

The workshop included an informative talk about Dyson, a video, introduction to the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology (DIET) and a hands on activity (robot programming using Lego Mindstorm).  The students were tasked to programme a prototype and adapt it to fit specific criteria.  They really enjoyed the afternoon and benefited from the hands on experience of being a Dyson engineer for a short time.