A Level Subjects and Wider Learning

The majority of students follow three subjects over the two years in the Sixth Form, along with the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  Students taking Further Mathematics will study the full Mathematics A level in the Lower Sixth and the Further Mathematics A Level in the Upper Sixth. 

Courses offered in September 2019 are listed below with details of entry requirements and an outline of each course

All subjects are two-year, linear courses, with all examinations at the end of Year 13.  Information on Sixth Form courses can be viewed in the Curriculum section of our website.

We do not offer AS level qualifications. 

The option blocks for 2019 - 2021 are available here

Alongside their A Level subjects, all students attend an introductory programme of study skills sessions which are for Y12 students and leads to an opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Students' timetables will also include subject study periods at school in addition to the home study expected for A-levels

The EPQ gives students the chance to practise undergraduate skills and to demonstrate interest in and commitment to a subject of their choice. It can take the form of a dissertation (a long essay), an artefact (something created, such as a piece of sculpture or a website) or a performance.