We are proud of the outstanding academic success of our students.  This is not only our exceptional examination results, but also our students’ many successes in subject based activities and competitions. Our broad, balanced, cohesive and relevant curriculum is the foundation of these achievements.

Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with a well-balanced education that encourages them to explore new avenues as well as pursue their known interests.  Through their subject area, our dedicated teachers deliver an engaging curriculum that is underpinned with academic rigour.  Our aim is that our students are confident, independent learners who will leave Parmiter's equipped with the skills needed to navigate a life-long learning journey. 

Assessment and feedback are key to the learning and teaching process. Our teachers use assessment to allow students to demonstrate their progress and achievement and to engage them in their own development and learning.

We believe that homework plays an important part in a student's learning.  As well as allowing the practice of skills learned in the classroom, it provides an opportunity to extend school learning.  Homework also develops good time management and the skills, confidence and motivation needed for effective independent study; all of these being vital given the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability.

Our website provides a wealth of further information.  For parents of current Parmiter’s students, please refer to the Parents section of the website for details specifically relating to your child’s year group.