At the heart of the Parmiter’s learning experience is our curriculum.  However, learning at Parmiter’s encompasses far more than the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom.  Students enjoy an enviable range of clubs, societies and enrichment activities and our Personal Development programme, supported by our exceptional Careers Guidance, provides an all round educational experience that is the foundation for future success.

Students at Parmiter's experience a curriculum which contributes to a well-balanced education, developing the abilities and skills of individuals so that they take a valuable, positive and active place in society. 

Through our curriculum:

We aim to enable every student to excel
We offer a thoughtfully sequenced curriculum which encourages academic progress by allowing all students to master the foundations and develop the confidence to engage with ambitious and challenging material.

We aim to broaden and nurture students’ interests
We ensure all students have the opportunity to engage with, and enjoy the richness of, a wide range of subjects and experiences, and encourage them to pursue those they are passionate about. 

We aim to develop students’ sense of self and community
We provide a safe environment in which all students can reflect on and evolve their personal points of view, and understand these in relation to the world around them.


Curriculum structure

Years 7, 8 & 9

In Years 7 to 9, all students follow a curriculum designed to develop a rich knowledge base and broad range of skills.  Each department offers a relevant, balanced and engaging curriculum that provides the foundations for further study.

Years 10 & 11

In Years 10 & 11, students follow a curriculum designed to prepare them for GCSE examinations and post-16 opportunities.  Our curriculum includes compulsory (core) and optional elements.  Our core curriculum subjects are: English Language; English Literature; Mathematics; the Sciences; a Modern Foreign Language.  We are committed to offering a broad range of optional GCSE subjects so students can pursue their areas of interest.  In contrast to some schools, we do not currently prescribe that all students study the suite of subjects required to fulfil the EBacc; we believe this allows students to pursue their areas of interest and strength in their examined subjects.

Years 12 & 13 (Sixth Form)

Parmiter’s offers an extensive academic Sixth Form curriculum, with over 20 different A Level subjects offered.  All A Level subjects are taught as two year linear courses.  Alongside their A Level subjects, students attend an introductory programme of Study Skills sessions which leads to an opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  This well respected qualification allows students to further pursue a particular area of interest and develop skills that are directly relevant to and useful for university-level study.

The fortnightly Year 12 enrichment sessions offer guidance on careers education and personal well-being as well as a programme of outside speakers who encourage students to explore a variety of political, moral and social issues.  Fortnightly guidance sessions continue in Year 13, with a focus on careers, higher education and preparing students for life after Parmiter’s.

All students in Year 12 and Year 13 also attend a fortnightly Activities Period, where they choose from a range of options such as sports, musical activities, board games, sign language lessons.

For full details on the structure of our curriculum, please refer to the school’s Curriculum Policy.

For further information on each subject, including details on assessment, please see the Subjects page


Year 9 GCSE Options

GCSE Options Booklet 2024

The GCSE Options booklet provides details of the Key Stage 4 courses that are proposed for September 2024.  Information about the core curriculum (the subjects all students study) and the options subjects are included, along with an overview of each course and how the course is assessed.  Hyperlinks to the exam board specifications for each of the GCSE courses are also included in the booklet. 

For further information about the GCSE Options Process and Information Evening, please see the letter to parents/carers.