Academic Achievement

2018 Public Examination Results

We are delighted to share details of this year's outstanding examination results.

At A Level

  • 79% of entries were graded A*-B (70% in 2017)
  • Over half the grades awarded to our students were either A* or A
  • Approximately one in five grades was an A*


  • 92% of entries were graded 9-4 or the equivalent A*-C (90% in 2017)
  • 53% of grades awarded to our students were either 9, 8, 7, A* or A
  • 91% of our students achieved 5 passes including Maths and English

 Congratulations to all our students on their achievements. 


At GCSE, coursework is referred to as non-examination assessment.

The level of supervision varies between subjects and ranges from formal supervision (examination conditions) to limited control where students will still have access to internet resources etc.  Detailed information relevant to Year 11 students is available in the Curriculum Evening Booklet below.

The Year 10 Curriculum Evening on 18 October 2018 provided Year 10 parents and students with further information.  The information booklet from the 2018 evening is available here.

The information booklet from the 2017 evening is available here (relevant to the current Year 11).  Please click here for the presentation slides.

Students should ensure that they are familiar with the following documents: 

Information for Candidates documents distributed by JCQ on behalf of the examination boards, explain the regulations with regard to controlled assessment.

Calendars showing when Year 10 and 11 students will be preparing for or completing controlled assessment/non-examination assessment tasks are available below:

In order to help our students achieve their full potential, all requests for absence during periods of controlled assessment will be refused, except in the most exceptional of cases.

Please see below policies relating to public examinations