The Parmiter’s Drama department aims to be a hub for students that is synonymous with creativity, hard work and fun.  We aim to develop skills that not only enhance a students’ appreciation for our subject, but also skills that contribute to the overall nature of the school.  Our focus is not on relentless levelling and assessment, but on a more nuanced approach to dramatic education.  The focus is very much on the collaborative skills of the students and the creation of creative and skilful work that benefits the wellbeing of all involved.  We believe that practice and understanding can create mastery, and focus on an experiential approach, particularly at Key Stage 3.

We are proud to say that our students seldom lack self-motivation.  We expect a high standard both in performing and general behaviour and our students almost wholesale buy into this.  We pride ourselves on not trying to force a prescriptive style of learning onto some very differently creative students.  The subject knowledge of staff within the department means that we can accommodate most, if not all, of the students’ creative needs.  We encourage our students to contribute to wider school life.

Our wish is that students can choose the ‘Drama route’ at Parmiter’s, and immerse themselves in the dramatic processes from Year 7 upwards so that they end up with a more comprehensive experience of Drama, that will make them stand out from other schools' students.  Our vision is that school Drama becomes a craft, available and accessible to all.

We feel that Drama should be part of the cultural landscape of the school and that a student’s experience of Drama should go far beyond the Drama lesson and the curriculum detailed in the document below.  Students in all key stages have the opportunity to enjoy theatre trips.  The department is also committed to providing opportunities for students in all year groups to be involved in Drama, whether that is as a performer or as part of a design or production team.  Our Drama clubs, Drama Society and Pop-up Theatre provide opportunities for students to experience and enjoy Drama.  We are very proud of our larger events; our annual Lower School Performance, the annual Full School Play and our department’s contribution to the school’s Performing Arts Show.  A highlight is our biennial trip to Edinburgh, where our students have the unique opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.  We also bring the Fringe experience to Parmiter’s with the biennial Parmiter’s Fringe; a day of performance and workshops across the school, with every student involved in the performing or experience of Drama.