We aspire to encourage a lifelong love of English through offering our students engaging and inspiring opportunities to encounter literature and language in all their breadth and richness.

We aim for our students to become eloquent communicators who are well-equipped with the literacy skills that are essential to full, productive and assured engagement with their learning across the curriculum and the next steps of their life journeys.

We are committed to maximising each student’s potential academic success through delivery of a thoughtfully sequenced curriculum that incorporates adapted support and challenge, such that all our students are guided and empowered to develop as active, independent learners by building on the foundations of their existing knowledge.

Through engagement with an ambitious English curriculum and related extra-curricular pursuits, we also aim to nurture our students’ personal and intellectual development, expanding their cultural horizons, to allow for their confident engagement in the school environment and the world around them.

In terms of realising our aims, we aspire to foster creative, collaborative and consistent practice across our department, regularly reflecting on and revising this with a view to delivering continually evolving outstanding English provision for our students.

In addition to the curriculum detailed in the document below, we provide a range of extra-curricular activities, such as competitions, workshops, in-house theatre, theatre trips and study days to supplement our programmes of study. These are planned with a view to broadening the horizons, enhancing the skills and firing the imagination of our students, further developing their lifelong passion for all things literary and linguistic.

Some of our extra-curricular provision is tailored with a view to providing additional support, challenge and enhanced cultural capital opportunities for our students.

Extra-curricular opportunities are also provided with a view to preparing students for their next life steps: English Prefect appointments allow our A Level students leadership experience within the department and we support our students with advice, interview practice and UCAS / job reference writing, to ensure they are well-supported with the transition from Parmiter’s to further education or the world of employment.