Finance and Catering

Year 7 shared the fun sandwiches they made in a food preparation lesson for Design & Technology

Parmiter’s School uses an online payment system called WisePay.  You will receive your login details for WisePay before your child starts school in the autumn term. WisePay can be used to pay for school trips, school transport, music lessons, etc.  You can also top up your child’s school meal account – the dining halls do not accept cash payments.  For further information, please click here.

Cashless Catering

We operate a “cashless” catering system in the school, which uses biometric authentication (fingerprint scan) when parental permission is received.  When the finger is scanned, the system detects small differentiating features and converts them into a number, it does not store an image of the fingerprint.  This number is used to associate the user with their account.

Parents can request a daily spending limit for their child.  For example, you can credit £10.00 on your child’s lunch account and set a daily spending limit at £3.00.  Any unused money is automatically carried forward to the next day. 

Catering Arrangements

The breakfast and weekly menus for the canteen are posted on our website under ‘Parent - Canteen & WisePay’ or click here

There are two menus for the canteen - traditional main meals for those wanting to sit and eat in the canteen and 'Street Eats' for those on a tight schedule to get to a lunchtime club!  Students can also enjoy the daily breakfast specials.

Students can also bring a packed lunch if they prefer.

Breakfast 08:00 - 08:30  
Break 10:55  -  11:20  
Lunch 13:20  -  14:20 during examination periods lunch is early (12:20 - 13:20)

Once students have finished eating, they are asked to go outside for some fresh air.  

Catering for Various Dietary Requirements
The canteen offers both meat and vegetarian options. No nuts are used in any of the food prepared and sold at the school.  If your child has a more specific dietary requirement, for example coeliac, and you'd like them to eat school dinners, you must advise the school of any dietary requirements.  Alternatively, you may wish for your child to bring in a packed lunch.

Free School Meals (please check if you are eligible)

If your child is currently entitled to free school meals, it is your responsibility to ensure that the entitlement is transferred from primary to secondary school.  Please use this link to update your account and select Parmiter's School.  Please forward a copy of your confirmation email to

To see if you are eligible to claim Free School Meals, please use this link and follow the instructions to apply.  Please forward a copy of your confirmation email to

Students entitled to free school meals will be covered for a spend of £3 per day.  Any unused amount will not be carried forward.