Celebrating Leadership in Parmiter’s.


School Congress

The School Congress meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to the students. Each form group has two representatives who are members of the School Congress. The aim of the Congress is to develop student involvement in the leadership and decision making processes within the school.

Four committees were introduced to give an opportunity for students to review policies, give feedback on whole school issues and contribute to the ongoing development of the school.  Committees meet half-termly and are led by Sixth Form students, supported by a member of staff who has an advisory role.


The students work actively to improve the school environment.

Teaching and Learning

This committee focuses on all aspects of teaching and learning, including homework, review of policies and lesson feedback. Literacy is a key focus area.


This committee considers extra-curricular activities, healthy schools, equality and welfare issues and charity fundraising.

ICT and Communication

This committee focuses on the development of the VLE and ICT in school. It also contributes to school assemblies and the school magazine.

The main school congress is student-led and considers items raised within the committees. Form Captains attend these meetings.


Duke of Edinburgh

Sports Leaders