Life in Sixth Form


The Liberal Studies programme (weekly talks and seminars from external speakers on a wide range of relevant topics), Sixth Form study skills sessions and a choice of involvement in Community Service, Sustain (School's recycling initiative), Learning Support or student mentoring will complete a student's timetable, in addition to their subject lessons and individual study periods.

The weekly Year 12 enrichment sessions offer wide ranging guidance on careers, further education and personal well-being.  Outside speakers introduce students to a variety of political, moral and social issues.  Bi-weekly liberal guidance sessions continue in Year 13, with more focus on careers, higher education and preparation for life after Parmiter's.

Sixth Form students play a unique and valuable role, contributing actively to the wider life of the school community.  We encourage all Sixth Form students to participate in activities that develop personal and social skills, and offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities in music, drama, sport and many other areas. There is a thriving Community Service programme, opportunities to support the learning of younger students and the chance to lead on a number of activities, including the school’s recycling initiative, ‘Sustain’.

There are also opportunities, for instance, to take part in debating, public speaking, the Enterprise Challenge and the Engineering Education Scheme. There are numerous trips and visits related to the curriculum on offer within the UK and abroad, and many students also participate in activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (Silver and Gold.) We also offer foreign expeditions (True Adventure to Cambodia and Tanzania), school exchanges (with Eton and Sherborne Schools) and study weeks at Villiers Park. The Prefect and House systems offer opportunities for students to test and enhance their leadership, communication and organisational skills, while helping us to run events at the school.

Students who continue their studies in the Sixth Form or join us from other schools settle in very quickly. We believe that this is because of the excellent pastoral care and, where appropriate, mentoring provided by the Sixth Form team, as well as the friendly and welcoming nature of our students. In this stimulating and rewarding environment, our students become confident and well-rounded young people prepared for adult life.


The Sixth Form students enjoy excellent facilities, including a Conference Centre, a large Common Room, a Sixth Form Learning Resources Centre for silent study and various quiet study areas; the library and study areas are both equipped with computers.  We are lucky to have a number of different study areas within the Sixth Form centre to accommodate small group working as well as independent study.  Cafe6 in the Sixth Form centre is open all day serving a great variety of food and drink options.

Sixth Form Clubs and Societies

The Sixth Form and the wider school provide a large range of activities for students to get involved with.  From Sport, to Music, subject or career related, creative or for fun, there is something for everyone.

Our students run a large number of thriving clubs and societies which extend beyond the timetable. Students are actively encouraged to take part in these for their own personal development and in preparation for life after A Levels.  As part of the Sixth Form induction we hold a ‘Freshers'’ type fair enabling all new students to find out what's available and sign up to join in.  Clubs and Societies for Sixth Form 

Dress Code

Smart dress is important to our school and Sixth Form students are often called upon to give visitor tours and meet with external visitors, so all students are expected to always follow the Sixth Form Uniform Code. The dress code, which is smart and business-like, allows a degree of flexibility within a range of specified colours.

Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code


Code of Conduct

All Sixth Form students are required to sign a code of conduct document which is their personal commitment to A Level studies and expectation of their behaviour whilst in sixth form. The code of conduct covers the key aspects of A Level studies and class participation, Attendance, Appearance and Appreciation of the Sixth Form Learning environment.

Code of Conduct

Home Study

Home Study is a Sixth Form privilege which is usually given to students at some point during the academic year and is in place to encourage independent study in preparation for life after Parmiter's.
If students are offered Home Study, they may leave the school site from the start of lunchtime if they have no more timetabled lessons in the afternoon.  All students must be in school between 8.35am and 1.20pm each day.

For statutory and safety reasons, all students must 'check-out' when they leave school before the end of the school day, so we have a record of who has left the school site.

If parents/carers do not wish to give Home Study consent, they must inform the Sixth Form Team.

Driving to School

During students’ time in the Sixth Form, many will learn to drive. Another privilege afforded to Sixth Formers is that they are allowed to bring their cars onto the school site for parking. Students are expected to drive sensibly at all times, adhering to the speed limit. Any student seen driving recklessly or found to be parking irresponsibly will have this privilege taken away.


Members of the Sixth Form are able to have their own locker which can be booked directly with the locker company

Sixth Form Bursary

What is the Sixth Form Bursary?

Each year government funds are provided to the school to pass back to students in need of financial support. This money is used to support and improve the education outcomes of those most in need.  We have chosen to specifically target those previously identified as Pupil Premium or Ever 6 FSM students as these are nationally accepted indicators of need, however, any Sixth Form student can apply to the Sixth Form Bursary Fund.

The needs of each student are different, so students can apply for financial help towards any aspect of the education; this may include things like books, art supplies, musical instruments, electronic devices, specialised uniform or kit, field trips, etc.

The Process

The Sixth Form Bursary application form needs to be completed and submitted to the Sixth Form Office.  Applications are then reviewed and students may be called in for a short interview.  We may require evidence of any welfare benefits that you may be in receipt of.  Once a decision has been made students will be notified by email.

The Application Form

'Why are you applying for bursary funding?'  Your response to this question should tell us what you need, why you need it and how much it is.

'Other comments'.  Please use this space to make us aware of any other information you feel is relevant to your application.

You can then submit your application to the Sixth Form department.

You are not limited to one application, as there are likely to be costs arising throughout the year.

Sixth Form Bursary Criteria

16-19 Bursary Application Form


Further information can be found via the Government link at

The School Bursary Policy is available here

Letters to Parents

Letters are sent out to parents via our In-Touch email system.  A list of all letters sent out can be viewed here.