All young people listen to and are impacted by music. It may be a highly individual or collective experience but it is always personal and significant, and so a broad and balanced music curriculum is vital as part of every student’s learning journey in school.

Our aim is for students to develop a deeper understanding of music, through a cumulative progression of both practical and theoretical experiences. The Music curriculum is designed to provide excellent and enjoyable music-making, covering diverse practices and repertoires; through singing and a variety of instruments and technologies, every student participates and collaborates in composing, listening and performing.

Students should be able to recognise and understand music as an area of personal expression, through technical language and practical music-making. This all helps to grow confidence in working independently and creatively, expands communication skills through collaborative working and encourages greater resilience and problem solving skills that are transferable to other aspects of their lives.

In addition to the curriculum detailed in the document below, students are offered an extensive weekly timetable of extra-curricular music activities that are designed to give opportunities to as many students as possible taking into account ability, experience and individual interest.  Alongside the more traditional larger ensembles such as Orchestra, Parmiter’s Choir, Concert Band, etc, are many smaller ensembles focused on particular instrumental groupings or groups tailored to particular levels of experience and/or ability. These are mainly run by classroom music teachers and specialist peripatetic music teachers but student-led groups are also encouraged when the opportunity arises.

Such opportunities allow students to experience the joy of music-making with others to develop their individual playing and listening skills, that are so important to musical development at all levels and especially for the Performing component for GCSE and A Level students. Various formal and informal performance opportunities, both in school and beyond, are enabled throughout the year including a biennial music tour abroad.