Parmiter’s Life

The School and The Individual

At Parmiter’s, we believe that education should go far beyond a strictly academic diet for our students.  We consider the extensive opportunities we offer outside the classroom to be of equal value to our students’ educational experience as well as the development of their character and personal values.

This vital aspect of a student’s experience at Parmiter’s enables the community to live and breathe our motto:

Nemo sibi nascitur - No one is born to him or herself alone  

Through our pastoral and personal development programmes, our students come to feel a strong attachment to their peers and their school community.  This sense of belonging and commitment is the groundwork for developing future leaders which is what a Parmiter’s student is destined to become, whether that be in their personal life or future career.

We are justly proud of the exceptional careers and advice we offer our school at each Key Stage of their education at Parmiter’s.  When our students do come to leave they maintain a fond attachment to their school in later life and support the next generation of Parmiterians by sharing what they have learned regarding university and apprenticeship experiences as well as the world of work.