Parmiter's School - Test Centre - 3 September 2022

Parents who have been allocated Parmiter's School as their test centre on 3 September 2022 will receive a confirmation email by 29 July 2022.  This will give details of the arrival and collection times.

Two pencils
An eraser

There will be a short break between the tests, when children can have a small snack.  Please do not provide any snacks that contain nuts or sesame or that may contain nuts or sesame or indeed any allergy or anaphylaxis inducing ingredients.  This includes Nutella

Any potential technological/web enabled sources of information such as
1.    iPods
2.   mobile phones
3.   MP3/4 players or similar device
4.   smartwatches
5.   FitBits 
6.   Wristwatches which have a data storage device, cellular or bluetooth capability

An analogue rotary wristwatch may be worn but must be removed prior to the examination starting and placed on the desk.

These items, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Instructions for Conducting Examinations (“ICE”) issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (“JCQ”), are NOT PERMITTED to be worn in the test venue at any time.