School Transport

Parmiter's School bus service is run by Mullanys Coaches

Telephone number: 01923 279991

Twitter: @parmitersbuses

Please see below links to the timetable and Terms and Conditions relating to school transport for the academic year September 2020 - July 2021.

If you have any questions regarding School Transport, please email 

Details regarding School Transport 2021/22 will not be available until mid-June.

School Transport Health & Safety

All students using the school transport service must wear a face mask for the duration of their journey.  Face masks must be put on before they board the bus and must not be removed until they have fully disembarked.  Students must sit in their assigned seat, seat numbers are printed on each bus pass and indicated above the seat on the bus.  If your child has been allocated a coach for their journey, seatbelts must be worn at all times.

Please discuss this with your child and reiterate the importance of following the rules.  Any questions can be discussed with a member of staff.  Failure to comply with these regulations, which are in place for the safety of all users, will result in your child not being allowed to travel on the bus.

Please follow our Twitter account @parmitersbuses to keep up to date with any bus related information including delays and route diversions.

Change to PS3 Bus Timetable

Mullany's Coaches have advised that, with immediate effect, the PS3 stop 3 pickup point has changed to Recreation Ground (Stop B) due to a road/bridge closure.  The local authority have advised this closure will be until at least December 2020.

Seating Arrangements for School Buses