Our aim is for all students to develop a life-long appreciation of Science.  Through their learning in the classroom and laboratories, we aim to build our students’ knowledge within Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but with a clear understanding of how, and where, these subject areas relate to each other and how key principles and skills can be applied across scientific disciplines.  Whilst ensuring rigorous coverage of curriculum material, our teachers share their knowledge, experiences and passion for a wide range of topics from the scientific world so that our students can glimpse the many future opportunities Science could offer them.

Our aim is that our students see themselves as scientists.  We want our students to be curious, to ask scientific questions and to be confident to ask ‘why’.  Through the curriculum, our aim is that students have the knowledge and skills to be able to research, experiment, collect, organise and analyse data and information and apply these findings to scientific questions.  We want Parmiter’s students to be engaged in Science, not passively observing other people doing the work of Science.  The curriculum provides many opportunities for practical work, with this hands-on approach being crucial to developing this sense of curiosity and the experience and skills to ‘work scientifically’.

In line with our school curriculum aims, within Science we aim to provide a safe environment where all students can reflect on and evolve their personal points of view on the role of Science in society, and understand these in relation to the world around them.  We strive to develop students’ understanding of their place in the natural world, promoting a strong sense of social responsibility and ensuring they have the capacity to make positive contributions within and beyond the community.

Beyond the curriculum, students have the opportunity to experience a range of extra-curricular events supported by the Science faculty.  Weekly clubs and societies, such as AstroSoc, Attenborough Club, Dissection Society and STEM club, allow students and staff to share their passion for Science with others and appreciate the breadth of the scientific world.  Our Summer School offer provides an opportunity for students to enjoy fun scientific challenges, with some recent practicals involving stress balls, spaghetti towers, rockets, slime and skittles (the edible type).

Our students are involved with a range of national initiatives and competitions.  At Sixth Form, the Industrial Cadets programme allows students to work alongside professional mentors to solve a real life challenge faced by industry.  As part of the 20 week long project, students spend two days at a university workshop and gain valuable insight into further education and career pathways within science and tech companies. There is also a 12 week Key Stage 3 Industrial Cadets programme, which provides similar opportunities to our younger students.

Our Bronze CREST Award group allows younger students the opportunity to work on student-led STEM projects.  Our most recent group investigated the Science behind bath bombs.