Teaching & Learning

The Parmiter's Learner Manual - please click on the image to read the booklet

Teaching & Learning is the core purpose of our school and we are continually striving to develop our practices for the benefit of our students.  Whilst high quality teaching & learning is expected across the curriculum, it is recognised that different subjects, or even topic areas within the same subject, require a different approach to lesson planning and delivery, assessment and homework.  For information about specific subjects, please refer to the Subjects page.

We encourage all members of the Parmiter’s community to engage in conversations about Teaching & Learning.  Our staff regularly benefit from professional development focused on Teaching & Learning, including access to our T&L website.  Our Teaching & Learning school congress committee provides students with the opportunity to contribute to the development of our practice.  Our Teaching & Learning newsletters provides parents/carers with ongoing updates and reference material to support learning at home.


Role of one-to-one devices in teaching & learning

Since September 2021 all students in Years 7 - 10 have access to a digital device as part of our Individual Chromebook Scheme.  Year 12 students are also expected to have individual access to a device suitable for the subjects they are studying at A Level.  From September 2022, this will extend to all students.

We are delighted with the way students and staff have already embraced the use of Chromebooks in the classroom.  Having a device in every lesson means students access technology as it is needed in a sequence of learning; there is no more waiting until the ICT rooms are available.  Resources can be shared quickly, the range of learning materials within the classroom broadens, students can easily work independently or collaboratively on a research task - and it is a great motivator for students, who often enjoy being able to use technology in the classroom.  Aside from the immediate benefits, we are also developing the skills that students will need for their future studies and careers.

Whilst fully recognising the many benefits, the move to individual student devices at Parmiter’s is not a replacement for outstanding classroom-based teaching. We adopt a blended learning approach that  involves a mixture of technology-based and more traditional learning activities as well as continuing to focus on the importance of handwritten tasks. Individual access to technology merely allows us to enhance our current teaching, and provide the very best education for our students. 

Information for current parents/carers, or those who wish to join the Individual Chromebook Scheme is available on the Parents section of the website.  This includes a FAQ section. 



At Parmiter’s we place a strong emphasis on the importance of homework as part of the learning process; we ask our parents/carers to support us with this.  Students across the age and ability range are expected to complete homework tasks.  Not only does it extend the learning from lessons, it encourages students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation to study effectively on their own; this is vital given the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability.

Further information about Teaching & Learning at Parmiter’s can be found in our Teaching & Learning policy.

For current parents, the homework timetable for your child’s year group is available under the Parents section of the website.