The Canteen & Wisepay

Weekly menus for the canteen and the Breakfast Club menu are posted at the bottom of this page. Please note that we do our best to publish our menus in advance, however, sometimes there are issues beyond our control that mean we're not able to do this.  In these cases, we will publish the menus as soon as we can. 

There are two menus for the canteen - traditional main meals for those wanting to sit and eat in the canteen and 'Street Eats' for those on a tight schedule to get to a lunchtime club!  Students can also enjoy the daily breakfast specials. 

Cashless Catering - Wisepay

We operate a Cashless Catering System.  This is a biometric system which eliminates the need to carry cash.  The system will recognise the digital print of your child.  When the finger is scanned, the system detects small differentiating features and converts them into a number.  It does not store an image of the fingerprint.  This number is used to associate the user with their account and cannot be converted back into a fingerprint or used for anything other than identifying the student within the system.  It is important that parents give consent on the Admissions Form for the digital print to be taken.

Please click on the WisePay image to access your child's cashless catering account.

The images below are examples of dishes served in the canteen from the start of the autumn term.  These have included ingredients from our own kitchen garden, created by Mark, our Catering Manager.  The catering team members have attended specialist courses and now offer delicious, home-made artisan breads.