Welcome to Year 7

The school has an experienced team of Year 7 staff to support students in their transition to Parmiters and to oversee students' care and welfare.  They are here to support, advise, guide and help you and your child with whatever questions or concerns you may have as you both adapt to life at secondary school.

Meet the Pastoral Team

Mr D Mullett
Head of Year 7
Mr P Clark
Deputy Head of Year 7
Mr B Cummings
Head of Key Stage 3

We will be working together with form tutors and teaching staff to ensure that students have a positive transition to secondary school. We will be supporting students with their behaviour, achievements and attendance in association with the pastoral team, teachers, support staff and key to success is developing relationships with the families of our students. We are committed to do our best to support you in supporting your child, and we really hope that you will engage with us actively and wilfully in everything that we do, taking a keen interest in everything that your child is doing and supporting events and initiatives in school. We want everyone to feel as if they are a part of a community here and your child’s happiness and well-being is important to us.

Nemo sibi Nascitur: our values of community, aspiration and opportunity enable every individual to grow and flourish means a great deal to us all and, in time, will come to mean a great deal to you too.

Our Student Support Officer plays a critical role in all aspects of student behaviour and works out of the Pastoral Support Base in school.
Mrs C Doran
Student Support Officer
Mrs D Kwon
Attendance Officer
Mrs F Craigie

Tutor Groups and Houses

There are eight tutor groups in Year 7 and students will be in a tutor group of students from different primary schools. Students will be in the same horizontal tutor group throughout their career at Parmiter’s.  Every student is aligned to a House as part of our House system.  This helps to create a family ethos and allow students to meet other students from across all year groups through House events and assemblies.

Each tutor group has a tutor who will see their students every morning and take particular interest in the day-to-day matters that affect their tutees, including checking that their equipment and uniform is correct.  They also register student attendance, deliver a programme of tutor activities and listen to any problems students may have.  Form Tutors are the best people to ask about anything or report to if students have any problems.


Every student and member of staff belongs to a House and each House has its own unique identity.  We believe that a strong House system develops collaboration and unity, which we see as essential life skills for our students to take into the future.  We encourage each student to participate in as many House events and competitions as they can throughout the school year.  For further information, please click here.