Year 7 in 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September. 

The Head of Year 7 is Mr Richard Boyce and the Deputy Head is Mrs Debs Mullett.  If you would like to contact the Year 7 team, please email:   

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What the students say


Students can access the school's intranet homepage  here.

Year 7 Twitter @ParmitersYear7


School Uniform & PE Kit

Links to our school uniform policy and official suppliers are in the Parmiter's Life/School Uniform section of the school website where you will be able to order school uniform or make an appointment with the supplier as appropriate.

School Meals

We operate a Cashless Catering System.  This is a biometric system which eliminates the need to carry cash.  The system will recognise the digital print of your child.  When the finger is scanned, the system detects small differentiating features and converts them into a number.  It does not store an image of the fingerprint.  This number is used to associate the user with their account and cannot be converted back into a fingerprint or used for anything other than identifying the student within the system.  Your child’s digital print will be taken on their first day at school and it is very important that we have your permission for this.  Further information will be sent home with your child on their first day.  The menu can be viewed in the Canteen and Wisepay section.

Music Lessons and Extra Curricular Activities 

Applications for instrumental music lessons, including voice, are welcomed as soon as possible and are dealt with on a first come, first served basis.  Following application we will be in contact as soon as possible to confirm a place, along with relevant details, or to acknowledge that the application has been received and is being held on a waiting list.

Further information about extra-curricular music lessons in school can be found, along with the online application form, in the Extra Curricular Activies section opposite.

School Buses

For details of the school bus service for the academic year 2020-2021, please see the section on School Transport.  Details of the school bus service for the academic year 2021-2022 will be available in the summer term.

Cycling to School

Parmiter's School encourages students to cycle to and from school and has provided a bike shed for the storage of bikes during school hours.  Bicycles may be left in the bicycle shed at the student’s own risk.  The school does not accept responsibility for bicycles left at school at any time. 

Parents/carers are expected to ensure their child has:

  • a British Standard Helmet for every school journey.
  • high-visibility clothing and bicycle lights when appropriate.
  • a suitable roadworthy and maintained bike.
  • a suitable bike lock.

Every student MUST:

  • Be a competent cyclist.
  • Wear a British Standard helmet.
  • Not wear headphones when cycling.
  • Not to ride their bike on school property, this includes riding in the turning circle or up or down the steep drive to the cycle sheds, they must walk their bike to and from the bike shed.
  • Ride sensibly and safely and to follow the Highway Code.
  • Ensure their bike is roadworthy and regularly maintained.
  • Behave in a manner which shows them and the school in the best possible light and to consider the needs of others when cycling.
  • Ensure they can be seen by other road users, by using bicycle lights and wearing high-visibility clothing, as appropriate.

Students not following expectations or seen riding their bike dangerously or inconsiderately while travelling to and from school will be subject to school sanctions.

Parmiter’s School cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your son/daughter or their bike if the decision is made that they can cycle to school.  The school will not check to see if the bike is properly secured to the bike rack – this is your son's/daughter’s responsibility.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your son/daughter is properly and safely equipped, that the bike is in good roadworthy condition and your son/daughter is a competent cyclist.


Lockers are available for students to rent on an annual basis through ILS Ltd, an independent company.  All dealings will be directly with ILS.  For further information and to book a locker visit   Rental costs are £25 per year from September to July.  Year 7 parents should select  "Locker Area by Dining Room" as the locker location.

Locker size:  Height:  595mm/Width:  300mm/Depth:  450mm/